Pedram, Ph.D.

Group Leader

pedramk [at]

Google Scholar

Osowski, M.B.A.

Lab Coordinator

osowskia [at] 

Fiore, Ph.D. 

Postdoctoral Associate

fiorea [at]

Yu, Ph.D. 

Postdoctoral Associate

yug2 [at]

J. Peter
Rickgauer, Ph.D.

Research Scientist

rickgauerj [at]

Join us

We have an open position for someone with computational experience to lead a project aimed at biophysical modeling of extracellular ion dynamics in the brain. For details, see here

We have positions for scientists at any level interested in joining us at Janelia for a flexible period of time greater than 3 months through the Visiting Scientist Program. We also have opportunities for undergraduate students in Summer 2024 through the Janelia-Meyerhoff Undergraduate Summer Program. Graduate students may apply to join the lab through the Joint Graduate Program with Johns Hopkins University.

For all positions, please feel free to contact Kayvon directly. 


Tiffanie Lee, Janelia-Meyerhoff Scholar, Summer 2023
Wiert Kolkman, Visiting Master's Student, Jan.-Jun. 2023
Yuki Yoshida, Janelia-Meyerhoff Scholar, Summer 2022
Helen Froats, Research Technician, Summer 2021